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LinPRO-B24 & LinPRO-BR

Omega-3s for a Broader Market

At O&T Farms, we acknowledge the different regulatory requirements within the global marketplace and offer to accomodate those differences as best we can. Therefore, we developed linPRO-B24 and linPRO-BR flaxseed-based feed products that offer the same great nutritional value as our convetional linPRO-24 and linPRO-R products without the use of the antioxidant ethoxyquin.

The processing parameters established by O&T Farms work to deactivate antinutritional factors within the feed and improve nutrient digestibility, while the use of Butylated Hydroxyanisole as an alternative antioxidant source allows new markets to gain access to these valuable feed ingredients. The overall result is a high quality, affordable,nutrient-dense feed ingredient designed to promote animal production and contribute towards their overall health, while meeting regulatory requirements for a growing global marketplace.

O&T Farms is a pioneer and leader in the animal nutrition field, offering the most effective and efficient land-based feed products for Omega-3s in the world.

The company takes a collaborative approach to help its clients enhance animal and human health.

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