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Omega-3 and protein feed solutions for poultry and swine production, and for the development of value-add food products that consumers want.

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Certified Organic linPRO-R dairy cow and cattle feed supplement enhances nutrition, creating healthier Omega-3 milk & beef. & Logo linPRO R Organic

Omega-3 and RUP feed solutions for ruminant livestock production, and for the development of value-add milk and meat that consumers want.

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LinPRO B24 & LinPRO BR July2018

Omega-3 feed solutions for monogastric and ruminant livestock, designed specifically for Asian and European Markets

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extra pro updated

A blend of natural, full-fat canola and pulses that offers superior nutritional quality and well-balanced amino acid profile for grower-finisher pig diets. 

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CerealPRO is an excellent protein swine feed supplement for creep & starter swine.

A high protein feed source made from wheat and full-fat soybeans that maximizes feed intake for healthier starter pigs.

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EquinePOWER is an excellent source of cool energy, protein and Omega-3 fatty acids for improved horse health and performance.

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ground extruded cropped

A soybean feed with superior digestibility that improves feed efficiency in swine, poultry and cattle.

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Custom Formulations

O&T Farms can help formulate a nutritious and beneficial dietary inclusion that delivers optimal animal health and performance.

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O&T Farms is a pioneer and leader in the animal nutrition field, offering the most effective and efficient land-based feed products for Omega-3s in the world.

The company takes a collaborative approach to help its clients enhance animal and human health.

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