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O&T Farms, producers of poultry, swine, cattle and dairy cow feed supplements serves clients across the world.

Foreign and Domestic Supply

At O&T Farms, we  have more than 50 years of experience in international agri-business. With experience in animal husbandry, feed manufacturing and value-add food production, we understand how to connect all elements of the food supply chain for the common goal of creating healthier food from healthier animals using our natural, land-based feed ingredients.

International Market Support

Our company puts people first, working closely to support all of our customers in their goals, no matter where they are! For international cliers, we will make sure you have the documentation you need to make the importation of our products into your country as easy and efficient as possible.

O&T Farms is a pioneer and leader in the animal nutrition field, offering the most effective and efficient land-based feed products for Omega-3s in the world.

The company takes a collaborative approach to help its clients enhance animal and human health.

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