Ensure Herd Success with Omega-3s

September 2016, American Dairymen Article

Dairy producers are turning to linPRO™-R (manufactured by O&T Farms) as a strategy to optimize the health and performance of their herds. The dry extruded linPRO™-R feed ingredient is gaining attention for its potential benefits on animal health and reproductive performance. Dr. Troy L. Ott, Professor of Reproductive Physiology at Penn State Improve reproduction conception rate and immunity in transition cows with linPRO-RUniversity, offered this comment on their current research with linPRO™-R: “ongoing research at Penn State supports the hypothesis that feeding a diet enriched in omega-3 fatty acids (linPRO™-R) from calving to 21 days after calving alters immune cell function in transition dairy cows”Furthermore, commercial application has shown an improvement in dairy cow conception rates as high as 20% in some herds when linPRO™-R was included in the diet.

For more information on these exciting data, check-out the O&T Farms feature article in the September 2016 issue of American Dairymen.

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