Ensure herd success with omega-3s

Ensure Herd Success with Omega-3s

September 2016, American Dairymen Article Dairy producers are turning to linPRO™-R (manufactured by O&T Farms) as a strategy to optimize the health and performance of their herds. The dry extruded linPRO™-R feed ingredient is gaining attention for its potential benefits on animal health and reproductive performance. Dr. Troy L. Ott, Professor of Reproductive Physiology at Penn State […]

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linPRO-R - Transition to a Healthier Herd

Transition to a Healthier Herd:

Penn State Researchers examine the effect of  linPRO-R™ on the immune status of transition dairy cows The transition period for a dairy cow is a time of great risk for the animal. It is a period in which the animal undergoes extreme metabolic and physiological changes that may compromise a cow’s immune system putting it […]

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Lacombe Beef Research on LinPRO-R

Beef Up Your Omega-3s:

linPRO-R Feeding Strategies to Optimize Healthful Fats in Beef Products Advances in nutritional sciences have allowed for a better understanding of how individual fatty acids affect human health. This knowledge has inspired Animal Scientists to focus on improving the fatty acid profile of meat by adjusting animal diets. The Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lacombe Research […]

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