Laying Hen

LinPRO Offers Improved Nutritional Precision for Laying Hens

Amino Acid Digestibility and Apparent Metabolisable Energy of linPRO offers Improved Nutritional Precision for Laying Hens REGINA, SK., CANADA – O&T Farms Ltd. recently collaborated with researchers from the University of Saskatchewan on a feeding trial to determine amino acid digestibility coefficients and apparent metabolizable energy values (AME) of linPROTM in laying hens. The precision […]

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Ensure herd success with omega-3s

Ensure Herd Success with Omega-3s

September 2016, American Dairymen Article Dairy producers are turning to linPRO™-R (manufactured by O&T Farms) as a strategy to optimize the health and performance of their herds. The dry extruded linPRO™-R feed ingredient is gaining attention for its potential benefits on animal health and reproductive performance. Dr. Troy L. Ott, Professor of Reproductive Physiology at Penn State […]

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linPRO-R - Transition to a Healthier Herd

Transition to a Healthier Herd:

Penn State Researchers examine the effect of  linPRO-R™ on the immune status of transition dairy cows The transition period for a dairy cow is a time of great risk for the animal. It is a period in which the animal undergoes extreme metabolic and physiological changes that may compromise a cow’s immune system putting it […]

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