Animal Nutrition

Better Feed for Better Production

At O&T Farms, we understand the importance of nutrition and its role in animal health,

animal productivity and profitability. With over 50 years of industry experience, we are dedicated to manufacturing specialty feeds that incorporate natural ingredients, accompanied by credible technical information with nutritional support to all our customers and industry partners.  We invest significant resources to ensure our manufactured specialty

LinPRO is a dry extruded Omega-3 rich specialty feed

LinPRO is a dry extruded Omega-3 rich specialty feed

feed products will provide producers with natural feed solutions that suit their specific needs.   Our support of independent scientific and nutritious studies confirms that our manufacturing facilities and their processes produce superior animal feed supplements with exceptional benefits to animal nutrition.

Improving Dairy Performance with a linPRO-R Dietary Inclusion

Cows In PastureO&T Farms’ research initiatives suggest that the inclusion of linPRO-R into the ration of dairy cows may improve milk production, while still maintaining milk composition. Suggested reproductive benefits of feeding a flax-based feed ingredient to dairy cattle have also been well established throughout the literature, and documented in recent O&T Farms demonstration trials using linPRO-R. In addition to the beneficial impact linPRO-R may have on performance, the enhanced Omega-3 fatty acids in the milk provide a unique marketing opportunity to consumers.

The LinPRO-R Effect:

✓ Increased production levels, while retaining milk composition

✓ Improved milk fatty acid profile

✓ Improved pregnancy rates

✓ Reduced somatic cell count (SCC)

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Good Things Come in Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids such as those found in our LinPRO and EquinePOWER products are suggested to have several health benefits for various species of livestock. These benefits may include:

  • Lower incidence of fatty liver
  • Improved cellular immunity
  • Modulation of inflammatory or auto-immune diseases

Feeding Omega-3 fatty acids is now considered an accepted strategy for improving the reproductive performance of ruminant animals. Several studies suggest that these polyunsaturated fatty acids may contribute to the following areas of reproductive performance:Chickens

  • Improved signs of estrus
  • Increased follicular growth
  • Improved embryo survival
  • Increased conception rates

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